Kelpie cross - Broken Cruciate Ligament Operation

Our Kelpie ‘Spud’ broke his cruciate ligament after chasing a fox out of our backyard last year and had to have surgery. 

After his bandages came off I massaged the product into his shaved back, his hair grew back without itching and after the stitches were out I did the same over his wound and leg,  the wound healed beautifully without any raised scarring. Watsons Traditional Animal Rescue Remedy took the itching out, so he never went biting or scratching at the wound, helping the healing process.

‘Spud’ would also get an itchy red sore belly during the summer months, he was allergic to one of our plants in the garden,  (now pulled out).  I applied 'Watsons Traditional Animal Rescue Remedy', and again the relief was immediate from itchiness.  I applied this daily throughout the summer until the redness and rash had disappeared.

I use my Watson's Traditional Animal Rescue Remedy to moisturise my dogs paws and protect inside their toes, and I wipe/massage over their faces and bodies.  The product is wonderful on their coat as a hair tonic for them, their coats shine....

Robyn Watson

Robyn Watson