Quarter Horse Wounded In Barb Wire Fence

My quarter horse decided he wanted to visit next doors new horse and with my electric fence down, he ended up tangling himself up in the fence. I cleaned up his wounds using a mix of Betodine and WaterI then applied Watsons Natural Animal Remedy.   I applied this daily for the first week, then in the second week every 2-3 days. It took around 3-4 weeks all up and I was delighted with the result especially seeing that I have no scarring.


Also I have found that the flys are unable to get into the wounds as the balm sticks solidly to the hair. So I didn't have to bandage it. Just brilliant, the flys and wasps never bothered with it either.

These pictures below show that his chest was horribly scratched/cut up from the barbed wire and
then look at the brilliant end result.....

Thank you for such a wonderful product


Robyn Watson
Endurance horse with Itch Problem Queensland
“Hi Robyn

Here are a few photos, our endurance horse Charlies tail has grown since using your balm as it was half this length a month ago, the dock is still healing but that was where the problem started with the itch, I will continue with the balm until the itch clears and his tail and forelock really improve, I have noticed just lately the strength in his hair stands,”


Robyn Watson
Bichon Frise - Chronic Skin Irritation
“Hi Robyn,

Congratulations on your new web site.

We have used your natural remedy on our little Bichon Frise who has suffered chronic skin irritation problems, with great success. We were so pleased with the results that we gave some to a friend who also has a small dog that suffers allergies and they have also experienced great relief. 
We particularly like that we can use a natural product in place of more invasive chemical treatments that may have side effects.”


Robyn Watson
Cavalier King Charles Scratches Side of Face

Our Cavalier King Charles, Mozart is always getting into trouble.  He was as usual madly exploring through bushland and scratched open the side of his face.

That cleared up quickly with daily applying of Watson's Traditional Animal Rescue Remedy, it took out the soreness and as it was healing took away the itching which stopped him from scratching at it.  He was right after a week.  
Robyn Watson

Robyn Watson
Cavalier King Charles - Drool Problems Corner of the Mouth!

Our little girl Cavalier King Charles, ‘Princess', has a bit of a drooling problem at the corner of her mouth creases, and where its wet, it starts to turn brown and gets a little smelly, looking like it was the start of being infected, it cleared this up using Watson's Traditional Animal Rescue Remedy within three days. Just fantastic.   Robyn Watson

Robyn Watson