Our product is sourced from Hill Top Natural Cosmetics, here is some information on them and please visit their site and support them.


Hilltop Natural Cosmetics provides exclusive quality skincare products developed by Professionals committed to delivering intensely dramatic results. Utilising natural active ingredients, in volumes that will impact skin immediately, Hilltop Natural Cosmetics has developed a breakthrough system for skin care maintenance and rejuvenation. All of our products are based on the knowledge of how these naturally derived substances interact with each other and how they affect your skin. Our natural products are specifically formulated to be free of chemicals, petrochemicals, lanolin, SD alcohol, mineral oil, artificial coloursfragrances, preservatives and they are not tested on animals. 

The active natural ingredients in our products are not only of the highest quality but are delivered to you concentrated, in their purist forms. Our quality products will give you cleaner, brighter, smoother looking, luminous skin upon the first application.

About Us

Situated in Australia's beautiful South East Queensland, with the clear blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and its surf and sand in the east, to the panorama of rolling green hills and mountains that stretch as far as you can see to the west, known as the green behind the gold, this spectacular natural clean and green environment is the inspiration behind the beautiful products we have designed.

Established in 2010 with the desire to provide a product that is pure in its content, natural in its source and optimal in its delivery of results, Hilltop Natural Cosmetics has created a skin care range that delivers on its core belief that healthy skin is beautiful skin. We are an Australian family owned and operated business, a privately owned company (meaning we are not owned by a beauty conglomerate, holding company or financiers) All of our products are manufactured in Australia.


The people that own this business are specialist in their fields. We have an internationally recognised Cosmetic Scientist, Quality Control and Ethical specialists, experienced Cosmetic Business Managers, Sales and Promotions Team, all owners, all dedicated and committed to the ethic of creating and supplying innovative premium skin care products, utilising the latest research and ancient traditional treatments together.


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