How it all began:

A note from Robyn Watson, Managing Director of 'Watsons Natural Animal Remedy'.

My background is in helping within Veterinary Nursing and Animal care, (Volunteer Nurse Assistant) with a variety of experience in both domestic, wildlife animal care and agriculture. Having worked in both Wildlife Sanctuary Hospital environments and in Animal Welfare. I have seen animals with a great variety of conditions.  This includes my own menagerie on our family property in Victoria of competition horses, breeding and show Boer Goats and breeding Cavalier King Charles.  Also Including Chooks, Rabbits, Mice and Guinea Pigs! 

As a person with sensitive and sometimes troubled skin, myself, I have discovered the benefits of Manuka Honey and Vitamin E in the Honey Biotics products I use in my own skin care regime on a daily basis. 

I particularly enjoyed the benefits of the Intense moisturiser, a TGA product approved for the management of various skin conditions, a unique mix of Active Manuka Honey, Pure Jojoba Oil, Shea Nut, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Vitamin E and Bees Wax.

I began to use it at work for bites, bruises, cuts, wounds and scratches finding it gave immediate relief.  It was then that I started using it as my own personal medical kit. I remember being stung by a wasp and was surprised at its rapid ability to take out the stinging and itchiness and calm it down.  

I also used it as a barrier cream whilst working in the quarantine hospital areas, cleaning out cages of sick, injured or recovering animal, this gave me extra coverage from being at risk of skin affected disease or problems. 

It was obvious we could see the value of this wonderful natural product not just for us but for our animals.  It was then that we approached Honey Biotics/Hilltop Natural Cosmetic to develop a product for animals using the same technology.

Initially we trailed it, using it as our first aid kit for our menagerie of animals including our Dogs, Horses the Chooks and the Cat - for any scratch, cut, wound, bump, dry skin or rash!    

 We a proud to say we are a
Australian Owned and
Using only the best natural

The ingredients are a mix of soothing skin products; detailed on our ingredients page.

Because of the quality and purity of this product, I am hoping that it may be used, not just on our Companion Animals, but on our Australian Wildlife, and our Agriculteral Industry.

The difference of this product from others is that its All Natural with No Toxins or Preservatives it is a high end product.

There is No watering down any of the ingredients they are 100% - unlike some products that have 2 drops of Vitamin E to a 100g pot using cheap carriers and water.
I like having a non toxic product in my medical kit now for ourselves and our animals, and Im pleased with the results we are seeing.  
I look forward to hearing back on how you go using our product. We love it, and hope you also get to see the benefits we have seen in our furry friends